BridgeTech’s Role:

An application was developed that aids in the design of reinforced concrete slab bridges according to the AASHTO LRFD method. Based on a minimum amount of user input, the application performs a beam-line analysis in order to determine shear and moment values at all points within the structure. The loads are appropriately factored according to the LRFD method. Influence lines as well as unfactored, factored, and critical values are plotted for both shear and moment. The user is then led through a series of iterative steps for rebar selection and specification checking.


Shear and moment influence lines generated for a 3-span continuous bridge
Critical envelope moment values for a 3-span continuous bridge
Rebar selection dialog
Specification checking at every section of a slab girder
The Design Report — All reports are viewed view a standard web browser
Specification Check Calculations — all calculations (with equations and actual numbers) are made available to the engineer