Jay A. Puckett, PE, PhD, F.ASCE

Dr. Jay Puckett

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Dr. Puckett is the Director of the Durham School for Architectural Engineering and Construction at the University of Nebraska, and Emeritus Professor at University of Wyoming and President of BridgeTech, Inc. Dr. Puckett is a licensed engineer who has worked in research and development for over 30 years.  He was a subconsultant to Modjeski and Masters in the development of the LRFD Bridge Design Specification (NCHRP 12-33).  He has conducted numerous research projects in the area of software development and physical testing of bridges and bridge components ranging from lightly reinforced bridge decks, geotextile-reinforced approach embankment fills, asphalt joints, temperature effects, and wood girders.

Software development efforts include analysis, design, and rating tools for steel, concrete, prestressed concrete, and wood. Dr. Puckett was a subconsultant to Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. for the development of the AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating (BrDR) systems (formerly Virtis®/Opis®).  He is a consultant to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for the development and maintenance of the BRASS™ software suite and is developing programs for the analysis, design review and rating of bridges (BRASS-LRFD) and a program for LRFD culvert design and rating.

He has been PI on NCHRP 12-50 (Software Validation Guidelines) and 12-62 (Simplified Live Load Distribution Factors).  Recently in NCHRP 20-07 (209), Dr. Puckett has worked with SCOBS T-12 on the rewrite of the Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires and Traffic Signals.  He is the principal investigator for NCHRP 10-80 to revise the LTS to LRFD.  Dr. Puckett has published over 100 articles and presentations related to bridge engineering.  He regularly speaks at the AASHTO Bridge Subcommittee meetings and other practice-oriented forums.  He is author of a John Wiley book, Highway Bridge Engineering–Based on AASHTO LRFD, Third Edition.

Kathy Puckett

Kathy Puckett

Kathy Puckett is the co-owner and administrative coordinator of BridgeTech, Inc.  Questions concerning policy, billing, HR, and employment opportunities can be directed to her.

Brian Goodrich, PE

Brian Goodrich, P.E.

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Brian is a Senior Programming Engineer at BridgeTech, Inc.

Brian is the primary programmer on the Wyoming DOT’s BRASS-GIRDER™ program.  He develops and maintains the structural analysis, dead and live load analysis, and specification checking components for this analysis engine.  He lead the development for the BRASS-GIRDER™, BRASS-CULVERT™, and BRASS-PIER(LRFD)™ GUIs.  Brian was an important part of the programming team for the AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating (BrDR) systems, formerly Virtis®/Opis®, to integrate BRASS™ as the first third-party analysis engine in that software.  He helped develop and now maintains the BRASS™ integration modules (import and export) between BrDR and BRASS-GIRDER™.  Brian contributed to the NCHRP 12-50 research project and implemented this process in the Wyoming DOT’s BRASS-GIRDER™ program.  The NCHRP 12-50 process is now the basis for regression testing this software.

Brian is also an instructor for training engineers on the AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating (BrDR) and BRASS™ software.  This training has been taught to 17 state and city DOT’s and at several national conferences.  Brian is also an instructor for training engineers on the BRASS™ stand-alone software.

Mark Jablin, PE

Mark Jablin, P.E.

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Mark, Programming Engineer, is the primary programmer on Wyoming DOT’s BRASS-CULVERT™ and BRASS-PIER(LRFD)™ programs.  He has developed structural analysis and design code for culverts and piers, including sub-components such as columns, footing, and pile foundations.

Mark has also contributed significantly to three separate NCHRP research projects: NCHRP 12-50, NCHRP 12-62, and NCHRP 10-80.

Evan O’Toole, PE

Evan O'Toole, P.E.

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Evan, Programming Engineer, has worked extensively on the Wyoming DOT’s BRASS-GIRDER™ GUI.  He is the primary programmer on the Wyoming DOT’s BRASS-PAD™, BRASS-POLE™, and BRASS-SPLICE™ programs.